Why Us?



We are internationally minded professional Amazon sellers with an office and full-service warehouse located in Sofia, Bulgaria. We have launched multiple 6 figure Amazon brands in Europe, USA, Japan & Canada that are dominating their niches in each marketplace. We have 15 years of experience in e-commerce & have mastered Amazon FBA particularly in the European marketplaces. Now we are offering our services of inspection, prep, fulfillment, marketing, logistics, sourcing and more to other sellers who are ready to take advantage of the massive opportunity that is Amazon FBA.


Unlike many other FBA prep companies we come from a background of having run successful Amazon FBA businesses for years which continue to grow & flourish. We understand the challenges FBA sellers face and our services are 100% tailored to the needs of FBA sellers.  We offer full packaging, prep, shipping, logistics and sourcing services are part of the physical aspect of our business but we also are experts in the digital Amazon side of the business including listing optimization, customer service, niche selection, product research and more.


People may wonder why we chose to operate in Bulgaria when most European prep companies are located in the UK and to a lesser extent Germany. Although Bulgaria does not have an Amazon warehouse at this time the number one advantage of Bulgaria is cost & value for your money. Some of the most crucial points about Bulgaria that should get you as a business owner excited are presented below. 


The lowest minimum wage in the entire European Union at 610 BGN per month which is the equivalent of 283 GBP. In the UK the equivalent wage is 1360 GBP.


Bulgaria has consistently been ranked as one of the top outsourcing destinations in the world and certainly in Europe due to low costs, high skill/education levels of its population.


Bulgaria is located at a crossroads between the east & west. Shipping goods from Bulgaria to all the EU Amazon warehouses is fast and affordable as is sourcing goods from China, India and other countries. Turkey, a large manufacturing hub, is several hours by car from major cities in Bulgaria.



Bulgaria is a full member of the European Union. It is very easy to import & export goods, register for VAT, start a company, etc. The taxes are the lowest in the EU at only 10% & we can also assist with company opening in Bulgaria which can reduce your costs even further.


We can tell you a lot about the way we work, but we belive that actions speak louder than words. So we offer you a look about what our customers have to say about us. They have entrusted us with their packaging services and optimized their Amazon costs.
Do you want to join them? 

Maria Sanchez

"I’ve created my Amazon business over an year ago using FBA. It has been growing steadily since then and with the number of sales growing, I’ve felt the need to optimize my FBA prep and shipment, as it was a big cost for my business. Since I’ve started working with FBA Prep, not only my costs have lowered, but now I’m worry-free about the product prep and can focus on developing my business!”

Clarissa Wolman

"I decided to try FBAPrep services as they offered a complete solution to my needs to prep and ship products to an Amazon warehouse. That was one of my best business decisions ever! I’ve optimized costs, found a trustworthy and precise partner. It made my life easier and my profits higher!”

Christopher Brown

"The best choice for any FBA seller! This is the partner you need for a successful business that allows you to grow your business without worrying about logistics!”