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We offer FBA prep services to sellers selling in the USA and Europe. We can prep and forward goods to any country in the EU and any state in the USA. 
  • 1000+ successfully processed FBA shipments
  • 5 years experience in FBA selling
  • The best Cargo rates
  • Professional inventory management

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FBA Prep Europe specializes in providing the best FBA perp services in Europe.

Meet our customers

"I’ve created my Amazon business over an year ago using FBA. It has been growing steadily since then and with the number of sales growing, I’ve felt the need to optimize my FBA prep and shipment, as it was a big cost for my business. Since I’ve started working with FBA Prep, not only my costs have lowered, but now I’m worry-free about the product prep and can focus on developing my business!”
Maria Sanchez
"I decided to try FBAPrep services as they offered a complete solution to my needs to prep and ship products to an Amazon warehouse. That was one of my best business decisions ever! I’ve optimized costs, found a trustworthy and precise partner. It made my life easier and my profits higher!”
Clarissa Wolman
"The best choice for any FBA seller! This is the partner you need for a successful business that allows you to grow your business without worrying about logistics!”
Christopher Brown


FBA prep Europe is a FBA preparation and shipment company that provides a full range of services directed to Amazon sellers. This includes shipment, inspection, labeling, sticker removal, poly bagging, bundling, repackaging and storage. By providing these services we allow sellers that have chosen Amazon for their prime Business destination to focus on sourcing and developing product lines.