What does a FBA Prep Center do?

We receive, inspect, prep and forward goods to Amazon Fulfilment centers in EU and USA on behalf of our customers who buy those goods to be resold through Amazon FBA.

What is the process after you send your goods to us?

After you purchase the products you need to get them to our prep center in Sofia, Bulgaria.  We will provide further details when it comes to that. We will also handle the import procedure if need be.  Once the goods have been received we will unbox and inspect the products. Then we will prep them accordingly. Once done we will export these to the allocated Amazon FBA Center. We will keep you posted in every step of the process.

What packaging materials are needed for my goods?

Amazon requires the product to be protected and packaged in the safest way possible. Based on our long experience with e-commerce we will recommend the best and cheapest way for your products to be packaged. We can bubble wrap, polybag and box any item according to Amazon standards. We also provide a big range of packaging materials such as boxes, envelopes and polybags. All our service’s in the above price list include the price of materials. 

Who manages your Amazon Seller Central account?

We can manage shipment creation on your Amazon Seller Central account or you can do this by yourself. Our monthly fee includes this option.

What happens if we receive damaged or defective goods?


If the prep center receives damaged goods that are not suitable for FBA selling we directly communicate this to you providing detailed information and proof. You will then need to complain to the retailer and arrange for a return. Collection is available from our warehouse normal working hours.

Do we accept pallets?

We accept pallets up to 500 kg. We do not have a forklift in the premises so all deliveries above 70 kg must be done with a truck with a lifting ramp.